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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A good blog is a good story!

Take a listen to this---

Key points:

Main stream media is in love with itself,---Homer's comment: its about to get jerked around and a new game, will emerge!
Not adjusting to the new market space---fast enough!

No new medium ever replaces an old one,---Homer's comments "some shrink out of existence" i.e. telegraph gave way to phones, teletype--

Blogs bring in the eyes and ears of its customers, personally!

Moving from command and control to listen and RESPOND--this is a blog, everyone can be a blogger!

This man wrote Naked Conversations: it's a book about business blogs!

First one really that connects business to blogging.

The Blogosphere helped edit the book!

By using the Blog they have created a word of mouth engine.

Good listen!

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