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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

All those little Ipods have a flash memory, meaning when the power is off it retains its memory, and it has NO moving parts, the demand is growing so fast chip companies are scrambling to get more production, as with all things these days the prices are dropping like a rock, take a look at this:
as reported by Forbes:
The culprit here is price declines brought on by technological advances, increased competition and a desire to capture more of the market. Last year, the average price of a 512-MB flash chip was $6.84, according to Gartner. This year the price dropped to under $3, next year it's seen falling to $1.50. By 2010, it's anticipated the chip will cost 18 cents.
A race to the bottom, as this becomes cheaper look for products to pop up in just about every product you can imagine.


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