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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Preacher Mike Cope gets 63 feedback one one subject, I think the biggest feedbacks were on SEX, when he talked Sex everyone had feedback, and the invitation song, for or against---I have 2, and I am VERY thankful for 2 comments, do I covet feedbacks? not really, I can leave my own and if I'm talking to myself, I'm normal. Its kinda like the multi billion dollars we are spending to find extra terresterial life, I suppose you could conclude we are listening to ourselves, no feedback, we send messages all day, nothing, since all sound and noise goes some where, and most of it is produced in the USA I'm sure, we might hear ourselves back.

This week I flew to Nashville, had a wonderful time visiting with old friends, its such a booming area. In fact Nissan is moving its north American headquarters there. Wow! Big.

I learned that if a person lives in an assisted living center like the one my friend Robert Springer operates, they will spend 50% of there time either getting dressed and/or eating. I learned that if I end up there just give me a catheter and that will free up most of my remaining time.

What if I lived in Homer City Penn., wouldn't that be a cool thing, Homer from Homer City. I tried to name a small dead end street in Abilene after my company Friendze Lane, they voted me down, and said it would cause a big bad slippery slop for people to want to name streets after there own company, they called it a "marketing stunt", Yes! to all, Wal-mart wants a tower of babbel size sign on the interstate and they get one, so does cracker barrel. Big guys get it, small fish don't.


Blogger Don Morrison said...

While Friendze may be a small fish compared to Walmart, you, my friend are not. Did you see the movie? Was it Albert Finney? No it was Homer! The Big Fish!

12/06/2005 12:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a friend who lives on Hi Life Circle, SE of the mall. I'm told the Miller Distributor got that name through.

BTW, I have a town and a county here in Texas. What if they moved Royse City from Rockwall County to Kerr County? Can't imagine anybody wanting to live there. It's pretty bad when the 2 most famous residents of your county are Kinky Friedman and Karl Rove!

Royse Kerr

12/07/2005 08:26:00 PM  

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