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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I could fill all blogs world wide with what I'm thankful for this week, I've been extremely blessed to live at this time in this place in history.

Here's my list:

1. My GOD! Thank you God for the talents and gifts you've given me and planted in me and your confidence and trust that you have in me being a repository of them. Thanks
2. My Wife! Thank you Ronda for patience to be on this ride with me for 15yrs, for all the twist and turns, for hanging on and allowing each of us to grow.
3. My Precious Hannah Jane! Who gives me great joy to go home and see you full of so much life and energy! For arriving at just the right time to make mid life more interesting!
4. My Parents! For a safe arrival and growing up, for protection and guidance, for fishing and learning to garden. Skills that I will never forget!
5. My fellow team at work, for allowing me to be on this ride with you and grow and dream about a business, and actually create something out of NOTHING every day. To sell stuff that makes people happier!
6. Leaders who have called my talents out and encourged me to be someone I couldn't see in myself, calling me to be better in all area's of my life!


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