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Monday, November 14, 2005

When you're open to ideas on how to market a product you get them at the strangest places/time, just a while ago, I saw a Mexico Yard Metal Vendor with a trailer that
only a Mexican Yard Art Metal Dealer could pack--must have been Jesse's brother. I have a friend who thinks he wants to get into this, I'm trying to talk sense into him but its a challenge.
On the back of the guys trailer is a BIG black/white Sign: SHOP WITH ME and a Cell number
so you call this guy he pulls over anyplace you like and you buy off his trailer,
He's trolling for customers as he drives the roads.
Imagine: We have trailers, we troll down I20, I30, and pray for a traffic jam or we pull over on the access road and stop-
Trolling for customers as you drive:
Beading Across America


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