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Saturday, May 20, 2006

USA today had a front page article Starbuck Nation, its everywhere.

ACU Library Starbucks:

One of the students was telling me in class this week that the coffee on campus @ the acu starbucks is not really Starbucks---its Arrowmark(?) controlled---they have the name only--so its a virtual Starbucks--products are controlled by Arrowmark---so its fake, faux, Why would Starbucks do this? Get it, NOT the Real Thing! Silicon implant or something like that-the Students are thinking and telling EVERYONE: We have a Starbucks in our Library!

Branding, if your Nepoleon trying to take over the world and your French, you try to make French the official language of diplomacy, you create a upper culture elitist attitude for French----you do things to promote France the brand!

Its a branding,Buzz ploy---Starbucks gets all students thinking Starbucks is it--and what do they do all their lives--Starbucks---- Robotic programming---

"Not all Starbucks is of Starbucks"


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