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Friday, April 28, 2006

I like this invention:

Students blows weevils away with invention

Weevils, those hungry beasts that infest and munch their way through rice stores, might have enjoyed their final meal thanks to two enterprising Thai students who have devised a simple technique to remove them from crops.

The Khon Kaen University students have won an award for inventing a machine that can effectively separate weevils from rice seeds fast enough for industrial use.

They claim the machine can separate the insects from rice seeds at a rate of 760 kilograms per hour and Phakkhanant Rattanaka-jornjit and Saksorn Rattaarpha simply call their machine the "weevil separator".

The prototype uses fans to suck the insects away from rice seeds, relying on the fact that a weevil weighs an 18th of a rice seed, while the seeds are channelled down a stepped conveyor and the weevils are sucked out through a waste chute.


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