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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

When Jesus introduced the world to prayer, he did it in a very simple way! A simple prayer anyone can say.

It begins with "our Father", showing the childlike trust and intimacy God desires.

Our Hannah is saying her prayers, here's some of her words:

Ronda writes:

I’ve been meaning to tell y’all that Hannah has been saying her prayers more at night now for me. I learned that at school they say “prayer leader” & by using this term she is happy to say prayers. The past 2 times she has said bed time prayers, they go something like this:

Thank you, God, for windows & doors. I love you, God! I love you!
Thank you, God, for my friends and I love you, God! I love you!
Thank you, God, for “some family members” (it varies on who).

And if you ask me to, God, & if you want me to, I’ll play My Little Ponies. Just ask me God & I will.

I love you, God! I love you!



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