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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Last week I attened a speech at ACU by a former Nazi Youth Corp member. What a story! Growing up he said there was always political fighting between the Nazi socialist and the communist. To avoid conflict he told the story of how his mother had learned to salute each flag. Not saluting a flag could get one beaten or persecuted. The Nazi's also took every symbol and made it into there own, weddings, deaths, and all social cultural interactions. Dr. Casimir later became a soldier in the German Army. He and 250 soldiers were to resist the advancing Russian Army in one section of Berlin, after the fighting was over only 25 survived he was one of them. As the Russians advanced Germany fell and he met a man who was an American missionary Otis Gatewood, who taught him English--and Christ. He later came to America to study and become a missionary to Germany. When he asked Gatewood, "why do you want to help me,why are you here?" Gatewood's response, "Because my Lord told me to be here"!


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