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Thursday, September 11, 2003

In a Story in Forbes FYI by Andrew Ferguson History Repeats itself he highlights the annual Association of Lincoln Presenters convention, stating, "Not all Abes are created equal, but you certainly can't questions their honesty." This must be a site to see more than 35 Abes all gathered together. Held in Spencer County IL where Lincoln lived until he was 21 years of age at The Santa's Lodge. They have a new motto, "Ready, willing and Abe L." My first thought when looking at this was, this must be nice for Elvis at least there's the Abe impersonations.
Some are full time Abes. Some are part-time Abes.
And the best is the guest lecture: Lincoln In-Laws, the Other Civil War!
Dr. Bassuk the director of ALP, Being Abe is a calling. Lincoln presenters bear a terrible handicap. They're trying to make history pay in a country that is famously indifferent to history. Our historical ignorance is almost a point of national pride.
Most get there buy someone saying: Hey you look like Abe Lincoln and they start believing it and bingo they are a ALP conference attendee.
When the Abes all gathered near the Lincoln Family farm a small girl asked:
Are they crazy men?
Her mom answered, " No, honey of course not, they just want to be Abraham Lincoln. I don't know why."


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