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Homer H. Hillis, Jr. sponges all kinds of information, business, political and trends. I've been seen on the Sally Jesse Rafeal show with noted trend spotter Faith Popcorn. My Blog will give you an over view of what I'm seeing and reflections on the same.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

On Sunday we had a big cook out, I fired up the smoker and cooked ribs, brisket and chicken my family came up and we enjoyed the day together. When Hillis' get together politics is a big conversation topic and this time was no exception in fact it gets more so as the day approaches to the election. My uncle and dad talk just about everyday for hours and then when they get together they talk for hours over most of the same subjects they've talked for hours on the phone, but that's the way Hillis' are, emphasis is a sure sign of rightness!


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