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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I attended the Tax Reform Commission yesterday at HSU, the TTRC is trying to find a better way to collect tax for public education in Texas. The old system is illegal.
my comments:
Bead business is tough, we have a lot of competition that doesn't pay any taxes, many of our competitors are insurgent marketers who appear and are gone, about the only way to levy a tax that is collectible is a consumption tax, based on what people buy.
John Sharps bird dog was having puppies in his truck yesterday--he agreed to name one Abby for Abilene and I suggested one dog for each University here.
I met the former CEO of Radio Shack, who led Radio Shack for many years. I didn't mentioned the Incredible Universe Flop store, which was probably 10yrs ahead of its time. Timing, Timing, Timing!


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