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Saturday, October 08, 2005

1 in 4 people are financially distressed
Americans are carrying three times the amount of credit card debt that they were a few years ago. Credit card debt can put a huge weight on our shoulders. And one in four people are in a financially stressed situation, according to one study. When that happens, it causes problems on the job. In addition, people develop insomnia, weight gain and high blood pressure among other things because of the stress. When we owe money, we’re weak and it takes its toll. When Clark owned his own business, he worried constantly about debts being paid and making a profit to cover the mortgage, utilities, etc. That was debt with a purpose. Clark knew he was going to make some money back on his expenditures. But what about people who carry debt with no purpose? It’s got to be even worse.
Source www.clarkhoward.com


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